"Nature elevated by scientific progress."

Using scientific advancements to enhance the benefits of natural ingredients, resulting in more effective and safe products.

"Healing through wholesome eating."

We at Overra Herbals are specialized in the innovation and development of scientifically backed Low GI food products for good health. Our vision is to empower people with good and healthy food.

We Care We Share, alarmed by the statistics of diabetes and the predicament of diabetics in the world today when we started the venture in the year 2011, our motive was to innovate and make regular and commonly used foods diabetic-friendly. Low-GI food is one of the solutions we found in this direction.

Today we are proud to have innovated Low GI diabetic-friendly sugar and other food product.

"Our journey, our narrative."

Our Story

Giving diabetics, prediabetics and your entire family the freedom of choice through our low GI products.

The first innovation at Overra Herbals was Diaflour (multigrain flour) which is used in the regular diet in India and many countries. This innovative product came up with the help of PAU research professionals in 2013.

Then an in-house research team was formed consisting of Bio-chemistry & agriculture techies and doctors. As a result, the most innovative formulation for rendering sugar and other Low GI food products is developed. The signature product in this direction is the cane sugar rendered diabetic-friendly, which is available in brown and white versions.

The products at Overra are not only Low GI, but also come with balanced nutritional benefits. The formulation helps better absorption of glucose at a cellular level.

"Success found, journey fulfilled."

Today we are proud to have innovative Low GI diabetic-friendly food products like Diabeat Plus 43 GI sugar, Diabeat 45 GI sugar, Diabeat herbal Low GI lemon tea, Diaflour Low GI multigrain flour, Overra Gluten free multigrain flour etc. Now diabetics can enjoy sweets without fear of blood sugar rise. Not only that, the sugar is 100% natural and can be used in all beverages, cooking and baking needs.