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Hereafter, the use of We” / “Us” / “Our”/”Company” shall refer to Overra food/Overra herbals, and the usage of terms such as “You”/”Your” / “Yourself” shall refer to the users.


The website is owned and operated and all the rights are reserved by Overra Foods /Overra Herbals, a Partnership firm registered under the office address, 2894/1, B-34, New Tagore Nagar, Ludhiana – 141001. The following page mentions the Terms and Conditions of use, abiding by which you (Visitor) may visit this website (“Website”).

By your usage of the website, you are providing your acknowledgment to be bound by the terms of use and policies stated underneath and have read and understood all the terms of use. Upon disagreement with any of the policies stated on the website, you’re requested to cease the usage of this website. Each business firm, subsidiary, investment firm reserves the rights to revise the originally stated terms and conditions at any given time by updating this page. Hence, we reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions stated in a timely manner without any obligation to inform you. As a responsible user, it is your responsibility to take a look at the policies regularly. We shall not be held responsible for any harm caused to you by our policy changes. It is solely your responsibility.


The brand name ” OVERRA HERBALS ” and our logo, and the names of all related products and services, all the slogans used are our trademarks. The logos, service marks, content that appears on the website are reserved by us(Overra foods) and we rightfully own this Intellectual property. By accessing this website, the users shall not gain access to any intellectual property rights. All rights including a copyright found on this website are owned by Overra foods.


The usage of logos, brand images, marks, headings, names, labels, signatures, numerals, shapes, processes, technology, content, illustrations, designs, or any combinations of the above-mentioned that appear on the website are used under certified licensing. The usage of any content from the website except as provided in the terms and conditions is unethical and is under strict probation. The content that appears on the website is copyrighted and usage of this content on other websites or for personal use is restricted under copyrights. In order to use the content found on the website, the user must seek a written permission from the business and its licensor. The usage of any website content without permission is an offense and you are eligible to be sued for the same.


(A) Security Rules

Users who visit our website are restricted from violating or even attempting to violate the security of our website. The violation is as follows

(1)  accessing any data which is not intended for such a user. Logging into the server using the credentials of an account to which the user is not allowed access.

(2)  Trying to breach the security or authentic measures intentionally and attempting to test the vulnerability of the security system.

(3) any sort of interference with service provision to users, host, or network. Intentional introduction of viruses such as Trojan horse to the website. Intentional overloading, flooding, mail bombing, or crashing.  

(4) Transiting inappropriate electronic mails, promotional emails meant for the purpose of advertising a particular good or service. Any violation can call for legal action and is liable to a criminal offense.  

(5) Attempts made to interfere with the smooth functioning of the website using external devices and softwares. (6) Intentional attempts made to use any software tool or any other medium. If any such violation is found by Overra foods or its associated entities, we possess the right to investigate susceptible instances involving any such incident. We further also hold the right to involve an external law enforcement body to prosecute users who are found guilty of a violation.

(B) General Rules

Transmitting, distributing, storing, or destroying any material is strictly prohibited. No visitor must use the website for any such unethical purpose:

(a) material that could facilitate criminal offense or tend to violate any existing law or regulation.  

(b)hampering the copyright and trademark or the impermissed usage of intellectual property rights. Material that violates the privacy or personal rights of any individual.

(c) defamation of an individual or transmitting hateful and abusive content. Transmission of obscene materials associated with pornography.


We take no responsibility for the content found on web pages that are linked with the Overra herbals website. The links found on the website are put up only to make the user experience more friendly and easy to ensure navigation. The links found are not endorsed by us, our affiliates, or partners. They only enhance the convenience of usage of our website. 


We have followed stringent precautionary measures to provide precise data on our website. The website content is checked regularly to ensure that all the information provided is up to date. We particularly ensure that the prices quoted are accurate and every product available for sale has a description attached to it. The dimensions, weights, and capacities displayed on the website however are only approximates. We invest great effort in ensuring that only accurate information is presented to our users.


We’ve followed the norm of listing products as per the maximum retail price (MRP). Hence, each product on www.overraherbals.com abides by the same and also includes the goods and services tax (GST) and/or the other taxes imposed by the government. In cases wherein the listed price or description has an error. Overra herbals hold the right to cancel the order that has been placed if the product is not dispatched yet. We also hold the right at our discretion to limit the number of orders placed by a single user.


As a user, you unilaterally agree to indemnify and hold us(“Overra foods/Overra herbals) and all our employees harmless without raising any objection in case of any harm/ loss or damage caused due to the use of  www.overraherbals.com or their breach of the terms.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the user agrees that neither us(Overra foods/Overra herbals) nor any of our affiliates, partners, or employees shall be held accountable for any direct/Indirect, incidental, or exemplary damages occurred by the usage or inability to use the services procured on the website. Any form of materialistic or immaterial damage caused due to data on the website and/or the products, services purchased, and/or unauthorized access gained during the transmission of information and/or messages received and/or the transactions processed is not the responsibility of the company, even if the company has been notified about the possible damages beforehand. The user also agrees that the company shall not be held accountable for any sort of damage that arises due to the interruptions, suspension, or termination of our service. This includes direct or indirect damage, incidental damage, and/or exemplary damages. In spite of the interruption/suspension or termination being justified or not, unintended or intentional, the above-written policy stands true. The user further agrees that we(Overra foods/Overra herbals) will not be held responsible for any statements or behavior by third parties of the service. To sum up, in no case can the company be liable for the damages/ losses or any other harm caused to the user by the actions/products or services of the company.


In no occurrence will the company, any of the associates, affiliates, employees, or entities associated with our corporate brand mentioned on our website be accountable for any damages caused. Including and not being limited to incidental, consequential, losses, damage to the system hardware, loss of data, data interception, and breach.


The terms and conditions stated by us are effective until we(Overra foods/Overra herbals) discontinue its usage or the user disagrees with them and does not wish to abide by them. In such a case, where the user does not agree with the terms and conditions stated, he/she is requested to discontinue the use of the website. Until the user continues the website’s use, he/she provides consent and agrees with the terms of use. We possess the right to terminate the existing terms and conditions at any point in time and are not obligated to inform the users. In such an occurrence, the company shall not be liable.