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Hereafter, the use of “We” / “Us” / “Our”/Company “ shall refer to Overra food/Overra herbals, and the usage of terms such as “You”/”Your” / “Yourself” shall refer to the users.
The privacy policy stated is an electronic documentation in the form of an electronic contract pertaining to the Information technology act of the year 2000. All the rules stated underneath are in accordance with the information technology act, 2000. The privacy policy does not need any sort of physical or digital signature. This privacy policy is a document that brings forth a legal binding between you and Overra herbals/Overra Foods(the definitions of both these terms are given underneath). The terms stated in this privacy policy shall be effective after your acceptance by clicking on the option ” I accept all the terms and conditions” in the digital form. This privacy policy shall govern the relationship between you as a consumer and Overra herbals/Overra Foods as a company. This document has been published and is formatted in accordance with the information technology rules, 2011. Upon agreeing with the privacy policy you entrust Overra herbals/ Overra Foods with the information provided by you and provide consent. In case you do not agree with the privacy policy and do not accept its terms and conditions you’re here by request to cease the use of the website. The policies mentioned are prone to changes, your continued use of our website even after changes in policy, you agree with the changed policies. You provide us total consent to store all your personal and non-personal information and further agree that no wrong can be caused to you by our collection, usage, and storage of your information


To benefit from the services available on our websites, users need to entrust us with the following information: – a) your name, b) your email address, c) gender, d) your age, e) PIN code number, f) credit card or debit card details g) medical records and history h) your sexual orientation, i) biometric information, j) password, etc., and/or your occupation, interests. The provision of the above-mentioned Information helps us improve our site’s user experience and procure better service.

All the necessary information which has been sought for is service dependent and it may be used for the above-said user information to, for the maintenance, protection, and improval of its services (including advertising services) and also for the development of newer services.

Such details would not be entitled sensitive if it is freely obtainable and accessible in the public domain or is furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other law enforced during the time. We may also maintain a record stating your product interests to provide a further satisfactory user experience.

This Website is meant to be used only by adults above the age of 18 years. In case you’re underage, you’re permitted to look at the website. However, you mustn’t make any purchase, register on the website, or provide any personal information. We do not entertain the collection of a minor’s personal information. Minors are not permitted to use this website or provide any personal information. In any event, wherein a minor has breached the above-mentioned policy, his/her guardians shall be held responsible and would be accountable to compensate for the wrongdoings of their ward.


To enhance the responsiveness of our website and provide a better user experience, the website may use “cookies”, or such similar electronic tools to collect information and further assign every visitor a unique ID for the purpose of user identification. The information provided by you is all that a cookie can contain and since it is provided by you it is consensual. The usage of cookies is a common practice that is adopted by a majority of websites to make their website more user-friendly. Most of the available browsers are predesigned to accept cookies, however, the settings can be altered and cookies can be blocked.

Our web servers are designed to automatically collect limited information pertaining to your computer’s connection to the web, this includes your IP address, at the time of your visit. Your IP address is incapable of identifying you personally. The information is only used to provide the web pages to you in a timely manner upon your request, it also helps us tailor the website in accordance with our user’s interests and allows advertisers to understand your geographical location.  


Any information provided to us by you is solely used for the welfare of our website only. We do not resort to disclosing any sensitive information to other websites or companies. Our website does contain links to other websites which are not controlled by us. We are in no way responsible for the information provided by you to the other website.


If we need to share any sensitive information to a third-party website, we do not ask for the user’s consent in the following circumstances:

a) When the information is requested by governmental or law enforcement bodies. The information may be requested for identification and verification of the individual, or the prevention, detection, or investigation of a criminal issue or any cyber incidents. Any such disclosure is made in good faith and we believe that the disclosure of such information upon being requested for law enforcement is our duty.

b) The information also can be shared within the members of the organization for the provision of a better user experience. We provide you with an assurance that all the employees who will gain access to the sensitive information shall be aware of the privacy policy and will maintain the company decorum by keeping the information confidential.


Confidentiality is given utmost importance at Overra herbals/ Overra foods. For this reason, appropriate security measures are enforced to prevent any sort of unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of data. We conduct regular internal audits on our intel management, collection, and storage process. Security practices such as encryption are implemented to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data we possess.

However, we are not accountable for any inflicted loss, damage, or harm caused due to unauthorized access to the provided information. We shall try our best to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data, however, we cannot guarantee you that the data cannot be intercepted during the transit of the data over the internet.


All the complaints, concerns regarding the content, service or breach of the terms and conditions must be immediately reported to our customer care center. Given below are the contact details for reaching out to us:

Customer Support Team
Overra Foods.
F-38, Industrial Growth Centre
Mansa Road, Bathinda – 151001
Punjab (IND)
Toll-Free: 1800 270 1011